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Extend component lifetimes                  
Reduce component weight
Optimise production processes
Enhance surface properties

Detailed knowledge of the residual stress of your components, before, during and
after service, brings many benefits to you and your customers.  We offer access
to the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities of the top rated 5 star Manchester
Materials Science Centre, and also to the neutron and x-ray facilities at the
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Daresbury Laboratory.  We provide services
to a variety of large and small companies in the aerospace, automotive, marine and
power industries.


Case Study One                                                                  Case Study Two          

Safety critical aeroengine components have been              Residual stresses in a two ton  
redesigned to offer the twin advantages of longer             impeller casting from the power
service life with reduced component weight.                      generation industry were 
Such advances are made possible through                         measured as part of an investigation 
knowledge of the residual stress state of the                      into failure in service.  The Proto
components following novel surface treatments.                X-ray diffractometer is a portable facility,
The residual stresses were measured using                      allowing the measurement of large
our Proto X-ray diffractometer.                                            components either in the laboratory or
                                                                                              in-situ at the place of operation


Proto X-Ray diffractometer                                                  Being a portable system, the Proto
                                                                                             can used out of the laboratory

For further information contact:

Dr Andrew Winn
Manchester Materials Science Centre
University of Manchester & UMIST
Grosvenor Street
Manchester  M1 7HS

T +44 (0) 161 200 5948

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