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Established in February 2002, NATEC received an initial £4million grant from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF). NATEC was formed by collaboration between the Universities of the North of England. Currently participating Universities include Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool and Salford. The NATEC centre of excellence is based in Manchester and staffed by a team who understand the needs of both the Industry and the Academic world.


The key aims at NATEC are:

  • To contribute to the competitiveness of UK aerospace industry by providing world class expertise
  • To provide a Hub to co-ordinate and manage projects
  • To establish Business Units which are self-sustaining delivery teams in HEIs
  • To establish complementary key capabilities within the business units which can be linked to form project solving teams.
  • To overcome barriers between industry and academia
  • To form an “exploitation” network working closely with academia, industry, regions and trade associations
  • To stimulate technology development and company growth
  • To support the development of regional and national prosperity 


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