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NATEC Continues to Deliver

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NATEC Continues to Deliver

NATEC has developed new products, launched new businesses and improved productivity within the
aerospace sector.  It has added value to the DTI's Aerospace Innovation & Growth Team (AeIGT) through
knowledge transfer from Northern Universities into industry.

NATEC established a network of Agile Technology Units (ATUs) covering a wide range of aerospace related
technologies.  The ATU's act as small business units within the University departments and offer both expert
knowledge and access to the latest equipment.  The ATUs are focussed into three themes:-

Industrial Services

Aviation Fuels, Combustion, Materials Testing, Structural Analysis and Testing, Virtual Environments, Wind Tunnels,
X-Ray Diffraction

Manufacturing Technology

Laser Processing, Coatings and Sintered Products, Electrical Machines and Drives, Ink jet Printing, Intelligent
Monitoring Systems, Laser Shock Peening, Shaped Metal Deposition, Squeeze Casting, Surface Engineering,
Virtual Design, Joining of High Temperature Alloys

New Products

Composites, Fuel Cells, High Quality Wire, Safety Critical Software, Technical Textiles, Wireless Communications.

NATEC also established a Training and Skills group to support the aerospace industry, schools and colleges.

Training and Skills projects are organised into three themes:

1. Graduate Placement, Training and Work Experience Opportunities
    Apprentice/Student Exchange, Student Bursary Programmes, Light Metals Workshop.

Training and Development of Aerospace Staff
    Course Directory, Scholarships, CPD courses.

Outreach work with Schools
Young Aerospace Engineers Club, Steroscopic 3D movie, "Girls in Aerospace" Roadshow, "Jaguar F1 Team
     In Schools" Competition.

Key Achievements included:-

  • 395 adult students obtained work experience in the aerospace sector
  • 55,000 school students from over 300 schools benefited from NATEC outreach
  • 7,000 parents and members of the public also benefited

The Future

NATEC will:-

- Continue to support ATUs as they become self-sufficient
- Deliver a Training and Skills programme for 2005-2006

  • 113,000 students
  • "Jaguar F1Team In Schools" Competition (50,000 students)
  • Work exchange (Apprentices & Undergraduates exchange) - Summer 2006
  • Young Aerospace Engineers Club
  • Starchaser Roadshow
  • "Girls in Aerospace" Roadshow
  • 2005 Christmas Lecture
  • Schools Outreach Lectures
  • MSc Modules

- Exhibit/promote itself at the following events:-

  • Aerospace Testing Expo, Hamburg - 5 ATUs attended (4-7 April 05)
  • SAMPE 2005 Symposium & Exhibition, Long Beach, California (1-5 May 2005)
  • Paris Air Show (13-19 June 2005)
  • US/UK Manufacturing Conference, Reebok Stadium (28 June 2005) - Keynote Lecture
  • Aerospace Russia 2005, Moscow (August 16-23 2005) - Keynote Lecture

- Support NWAA's AIC activities
- Plan and project manage North West Composite Centre